Easy upgrading Airsoft replica

There are several factors on how accurate and far an airsoft replica shoots. Everyone knows that one person that says he shoots 100m with his assault class replica. Distance is not always the key. If the replica doesn’t shoot accurate at the target distance, it’s wasting bb’s and giving away the position of the shooter every time he wants to shoot at an opponent.

For getting better performance of an airsoft replica we would be looking at the accuracy of the replica at a certain distance. This is mostly looked at as the grouping of the bb’s when it shoots 10 times at a scorecard and look how tight they are together.

To get better grouping there needs to be a good balance between all factors that impact the accuracy of an airsoft replica. Like air pressure, back-spin and quality of the bb and weight.

For a bb to fly further it needs to have the right amount of backspin supplied by the hop-up unit for the air pressure and bb weight it is shot with. A good hop-up unit can give the option to set the pressure for the back-spin just right. Inside the hop-up unit there is a nub. This part actually pushes down on the bb to give it that right amount of back-spin. There are many different nub’s out there flat, bridged, ball and many more deviations. As many deviations there are opinions on what kind of hop-up / nub setup to use. In general, the better and longer there is contact between the nub and the bb the more accurate it can give the right amount of back-spin.

The barrel length and diameter influence the grouping of the bb’s as well as the power the bb is leaving the airsoft replica. The tighter the barrel the less air can escape alongside the bb when it’s pushed out of the barrel. The longer the barrel is longer the remaining air is pushing the bb forward and giving it more speed/power.

Your consistency of the air pressure your replica produces. This is a bigger factor for aeg’s then for hPa and Gas replica who have a way more consistent air pressure supply. In a future article, we will help improve your air seal and consistency of your aeg air pressure supply.

Shooting the right weight of bb is something that is different for every airsoft replica. A heavier bb is less influenced by outside factors like wind or a leaf and it can hold its energy better. A lighter bb is flying faster and can be good enough to hit the desired distance/accuracy.

We at easy-airsoft now offer Easy Barrel Upgrade Kits. where you can select your desired barrel length, hop-up unit, bucking and nub and have in drop-in ready and even flatten made by us.