1. Maple leaf Color Codes

    Maple leaf Color Codes

    (Nederlands onderaan)

    Maple leaf has many different buckings and several of these buckings are color-coded. here you find the color to muzzle velocity list.

    • 50° / Green for muzzle velocity below 110 m/s (360 FPS / 1.2J)
    • 60° / Yellow for muzzle velocity between 90 - 120m/s (295 - 400 FPS / 0.8-1.5J)
    • 70° / Blue for muzzle velocity between 110 - 140 m/s (360 - 460 FPS / 1.2-2J)
    • 75° / Pink for muzzle velocity between 130 - 150 m/s (430 - 500 FPS / 1.7-2.25J)
    • 80° / Black for muzzle velocity above 150 m/s (500 FPS / 2.25J)


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  2. Installatie  TDC MOD

    Installatie  TDC MOD

    De Top Dead Center mod bestaat uit 5 onderdelen :

    1. Afsteldop
    2. Bout slotring
    3. Buitenring
    4. Buis connector
    5. M4 bout(12mm) en moer

    Stap 1
    Lijm de Buis connector en de buitenring aan elkaar. Let hierbij op dat de 2 armpjes aan de binnenkant van de buitenring niet vast gelijmd worden.

    Stap 2
    Lijm de buis connector recht boven het TDC gat op de barrel. De locatie van dit gat verschilt per type / merk replica. Het gat moet 4,5 of 5mm groot zijn.

    Stap 3
    Lijm nu de M4 moer in het 6 kantige gat van de buis connector. Zorg ervoor dat er geen lijm op het schroefdraad komt. Controleer, na het opdrogen van de lijm, de werking van het schroefdraad door de moer er in en uit te draaien.

    Stap 4
    Plaats nu de moer in

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  3. Upgrade your replica's performance

    Easy upgrading Airsoft replica

    There are several factors on how accurate and far an airsoft replica shoots. Everyone knows that one person that says he shoots 100m with his assault class replica. Distance is not always the key. If the replica doesn’t shoot accurate at the target distance, it’s wasting bb’s and giving away the position of the shooter every time he wants to shoot at an opponent.

    For getting better performance of an airsoft replica we would be looking at the accuracy of the replica at a certain distance. This is mostly looked at as the grouping of the bb’s when it shoots 10 times at a scorecard and look how tight they are together.

    To get better grouping there needs to be a good balance between all factors that impact the accuracy of an airsoft replica. Like air pressure, back-spin and quality of the

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